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Under Pretense of Death is a visual novel with hidden object and quest gameplay elements.

 Welcome to a fantasy world! A world in which magic is as powerful as ever and technology is already able to feed the starving cities of humanity. Where on a far-off island, the Faerie and Elven aristocracy rule, and people live alongside Orcs, Trolls and Gnomes.

A half-blood elf girl, Solis, travels to the Fairy Kingdom to fulfil the last wishes of her dead friend. This event marks the beginning of a chain of mysterious events in which Solis will need to find her place in this city, make new friends and perhaps even meet the love of her life?

Solis is not a warrior. Armed only with her wits and her charm, she weaponizes these as best she can. Regardless, you would do well to be careful around her!

Find items, explore locations, learn new information from characters and make the choices that you think are right!

Make new friends… and maybe some enemies? Every choice affects not only your relationships with other characters, but the destiny of the whole city! There are 4+ different characters available for romance. Each of these characters have their own different personality, story and role in the coming conflict.

Will you choose a faction and stay with your lover, or will you set out on your own and choose to stay by yourself? The choice is yours!

- Mix of visual novel and hidden object game

- Mini games 

- 4+ love interests 

- Animated characters 

- Partial voice over 

- Original soundtrack

UPOD: Moon is a small, separate tale that takes place shortly before the events of the main game. Within is the backstory of the most enchanting and mysterious of love interests, elven mage - Oberon.

This Demo stars Manhin, Oberon's ex-fiance, and tells a bit of his story without spoilers while introducing bits of gameplay.


- About an hour of gameplay, including exploration, puzzles, and dialogue.

- 3 endings that reveal the plot from different points of view 

- Animated characters

- An original soundtrack, full voice over


This is demo, so there are some bugs and small problems. 👀

It can take some time to launch - don't worry we will fix it later.

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I don't usually play visual novel games, but I made an exception for this because the art style is insanely good. It did not disappoint. Came for the art style, stayed for the story. I can't wait for the full version.

If anyone could also recommend VNs with voiceovers and a good story, please let me know! Dipping my toes into this genre is such a happy accident.

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The art is lovely, and the gameplay is smooth. I'm definitely interested in seeing what the main game's story will be. 

I agree with the person talking about Manhin's personality being... something. When I read the comment, I was like "Surely it can't be that bad" but the pining is... ugh, it feels like such a mean word to use... kind of pathetic, especially when she's snapping at him one minute then smiling at him the next. I get someone you loved before being someone you'll always love and whatever else, but at some point, ya gotta MOVE ON -- or at least figure out how to not act like a fool whenever he's around. Here's to hoping that Manhin isn't prominent (or maybe even present at all??) in the actual game since Oberon is a RO! lol


I like the visuals, voice acting, etc. But Manhin is so easily flustered by Oberon. You'd think after 7 years she would have gotten over Oberon to some extent but no. It definitely made me not like her. People like her-im guessing- (reserved and nonchalant) are more resilient, but I speak for my own experience. Everyone is different. It would make sense for her to have a grudge against him because of their past together, but a full-on crush? 

mmmmm. no gracias. 


This was amazing and I'm already hooked! Stunning art and an interesting story too. I can't wait for the full release :)


It has been a while since I played the demo, but I was really impressed with the visuals! Including a mini game was a nice touch, too. It definitely made me curious for more.


how am I already mad that Oberon did in fact sleep with her friend , I'm already way to invested in his character, its gonna be a hate to love thing for me when i play his route, GOOD JOB!


The art is amazing, the writing is amazing, the voice actors are amazing! I'm definitely gonna throw money at this as soon as it releases!!


This is absolutely amazing. I love everything about the demo. The style of your art, the music, the idea to add exploration to VR is fantastic, too! Oh, and kudos to your VAs, they are amazing! They bring the (awesome) characters to life so much. I can't wait to see more! <3


Amazing art style, very attractive design. The project looks promising, good luck with your work!


Thank you so much! <3


The quality is absurd. Wow. I love the art, the VA, everything. But too bad it seems Manhin won' be a Romance option T_T. I loved her already and would love to give her a better and kinder relationship than what seems to be a pretty toxic one with Oberon.  Also, Is there a release date?


Thank you so much! You will get a chance to help Manhin to find her love in full-game.  

Im not sure about release, cause i work on script and art solo, but i planning to release first chapter this year ^^


Oh, that's wonderful news <3 

Also, just between us...  could that love be our beautiful MC? Just asking... for a friend.


This looks really promising! I loved the little insight into Oberon's character and their world. Manhin is a really likeable character. I kinda wished we could romance her as well, ngl.

I'll be looking forward to this game's release <3

Thank you so much!


I love this! Especially the character designs! <3

Thank you so much!


The art is really pretty and I like the voice acting. That being said I really really dont like Oberon. Hes an unlikable character. Hes pretty but this demo just made me sure I wont romance him in the full version. Im not sure I really enjoyed any of the characters  personalities or dynamics...

Thank you for your feedback! ^^


I really like the characters design, the atmosphere and the soundtrack. Can't wait for the full version!

Thank you so much!

can this game run on a 32 bit pc?

Only x64 for now, but we try to check if it can be changed in future.


Great demo, excited for the release!

Although I was really invested in the idea of Manhin yeeting Oberon into the sun in the end, it was still incredibly good. Thanks 



Haha I'm kidding Oberon (゚д゚) 


Is the full version gonna be free? :)


No ;3


you're walking on thin f*cking ice Oberon I swear to god : ) aCTUALLY no srsly I loved this Demo (and gOD the voice acting is PERFECTION) and I'm excited to see the real thing but I'm afraid this got me both ridiculously attached to Manhin and murderous towards Oberon lmaooo 


It was quite funny cause the moment Oberon said the " she's really loud" or smth phrase it didnt click to me right away so like when Manhin went full RAGE mode I got startled for a moment like jesus christ woman take a chill pill but then her accusations were confirmed and I just went " wait WHAT-"

and thats how I got invested on a character from mere 1 hour of gameplay and now I'm not sure how to deal with the fact I now want to play Oberon's route for the sole purpose of dumping his cheating ass at the end. And flipping off Manhin's so called "friend" while I'm at it


Thank you so much for your feedback <3

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Same, the fact that Oberon slept with her colleague was a huge turn off. Won't be going down his route. But the game is incredible, keep up the good work PekaQueen! I'm so sad we can't play as Manhin, I'm so attached to her now T^T

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I really like this demo. I like the art, voice acting, and the blend of puzzles into a visual novel. Looking forward to the full game

Thank you so much <3

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For a Demo I didn't see anything I'd want to buy. Just a girl too stupid to see he's not worth thinking about. Couldn't we have had at least an option to treat him like the narcissistic, selfish ass he's shown to be? If we have no choice but to play an eager lapdog begging the man who dumped her for attention then this isn't a game I'd ever enjoy playing.


Is the  game only for 64bits? I can't play it on my computer (32bits)

Sorry, but only for x64 :(


I understand! still I wish you all the best luck with the project! 

thank you <3


This was an interesting demo! Loved the way the sprites moved, and that all the characters were voiced. The tea mini-game was a nice touch. Will we be able to interact with / befriend Manhin and Shanin in the main game? Curious to see more!


Thank you so much! We will meet them in the game :)


This is pretty well done!  Art is beautiful and the expressions of the characters are well done. The acting is fitting and the characters and their interactions seem interesting and complex. I am a bit sad that we won't be playing as Manhin, I enjoyed her character and her personality. On a technical level I also want to say the UI seem to deal well with a relatively complex setup (I have 2 monitors 1 of which is 4K which tends to give issues). Looking forward to the complete game. Will you release it on Steam and what is the timeframe looking like? 

(1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback! <3

Im not sure yet, im gonna release game with small updates on patreon till the moment it will be ready. (or at least 1 Chapter).

If everything goes well im planing to release first update this winter/spring. 

You can support development here ╰(*°▽°*)╯

ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/upodteam



Oh my..Wow..This game is absolutely beautiful..the story, graphics and the acting is really good! Can't wait for the full release!!

Thank you so much!


Welp now I get to  break Manhin's heart cause I am in no way shape or form not able to chase Oberon. Enjoyed the first bit to pieces! Really liked the small interactions such as finding the recipe to make tea. Looking forward to the rest!! 

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Looks really fucking boring not going to lie. But I guess that is what a game for women is going to be like.


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Nexus Mods and Hentai Foundry says otherwise, dmx117 :)  Google says hello.

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Keep crying, buddy.

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Then what the hell are you doing here? Just here to troll? Did it actively make your life better? Do you feel better about yourself? I'm guessing not, because bullies never do.

Do everyone a favor and get over yourself.


Thanks for taking the bait.


10000/10 would recommend to a friend. I can't wait to delve more into this world and it's characters. 

GUI: The GUI is crisp, clean and beautiful. A rollback option would be nice however, at one stage I accidentally clicked the skip button and had no way back and then the demo finished so I was left wondering what on earth happened. Personally, I would prefer a ‘skip seen text’ option or a skip that isn’t quite so rapid, especially if it’s a game I might play through more than once.

MUSIC/VA: The title screen music made me feel like I was about to go on this meaningful adventure and going into starting the game the BG music was soft and matched the lighting of the scene without being overpowering. The music continued to match the mood with the change of Oberon’s mood/magic and other events which is well done.

The voice actors have good voices, in some games I’ve had to turn the voices off because I find the voices irritating or high pitched, but I don’t have that issue with UPOD’s selected VA’s.

I found the music, SFX and VA to all be at the right level, some VN’s one of the individual sounds needs to be adjusted because it overpowers one of the other ones but you’ve done a great job leveling out each sound so they match in with each other.

ART: The title screen art with the subtle animations is perfect and gives a real magical vibe. The Sprites are gorgeous, and I liked the touch of the mini CG type art of Manhin at her desk…I don’t have words for Oberon’s CG, but I’ll be thinking(drooling?) about that one for a while. The office background has beautiful detail and I enjoyed going around and clicking on the few available clicks and seeing the little tidbits of conversation that came with it.

WRITING/STORY: There was a good mix between descriptive and dialogue and I found the writing well done and easy to follow. I especially like during a choice that it shows the last thing said/question being asked. I find sometimes when I'm given a choice my brain panics and I forget the last thing I read.

The tense moments are noticeably...tense? aha. I honestly wasn't expecting the Obscur and with my headphones on and the dramatic music that went with it I nearly jumped a foot in the air.

The tea puzzle stumped me for just a moment because on the card the red currant berries look like olives, but that’s nothing major and I obviously figured it out!

Lore! Lovely, lovely lore. The small touch of lore in the demo is a tease and I can’t wait to discover more of the lore in future updates. 


Thank you so much! ❤❤❤


Лучшая игра, 1000000 балов из 10!

Ой спасибооо))))0)


this demo is amazing! the art, the voices are perfect. i'm excited to see what happen next !


thank you so much!










:( lolwut


mmm? ^_^


That was not what I was expecting at all. I know its a demon, but the sudden rage and crying to "Oh, opera, UwU?" is.... weird? Yes, weird. Almost a complete 180. If gave me whiplash.




Do you plan on adding an option to allow us to adjust the screen resolution of the game?   Or at least to allow it to adjust itselt to the size of our screens?
Or maybe to be played in Windowed mode? 
I really wish I could play the demo, but as you can see...  =^.^=


Oh, yeah, sorry - i will fix it in future updates ^_^


Excellent news :D   Thank you so much! 


Thank  you! (●'◡'●)  And sorry for this!




YAY !!!! I can resize it now <3   
Thank you so much  =^.^=


ok no spoil but can't in good conscience date oberon in main story after seeing this


Hard choice  (●'◡'●)

(1 edit) (+6)

lol not really no. rather date anyone else than someone as toxic as him. but no train smash since there are other cuties to pick from :D


We have very  sweet orange-loving surgeon boy Adrian


yeee he's who I want to go for his eyes are so pretty


date him then dump his ass baby *flips hair and walks away*


The art is amazing! :O


Thank you so much (❁´◡`❁)


so pretty :O